A beautiful hand built jug vase with a matt metallic anthracite glaze on top of a glossy teal underglaze.  the form is complex and decorated with 2 raised rings of thumb prints encircling the body of the vase.

WILHELM SÖNDGEN GmbH was founded by Wilhelm Söndgen Sr. in Wachtberg-Adendorf in 1893, and was established for the production of the typical salt-glazed westerwald stoneware.  In 1929 Wilhelm Söndgen Jr., the son of the founder, took over the business and expanded production into ornamental ceramics. The company was also awarded the German national patent for watertight glazed and fine ceramics at this time.  In 1945 The needs of wartime refocused manufacturing again on salt-glazed vessels for preserving and pickling food. Indeed, these products were often exchanged for food until the currency reforms took effect.  In 1949 production was switched to decorative ceramics, and to the production of plant pots and ornamental ceramics, and then In 1967 The company switched from handmade to industrial production as well as to the development of engobes (coating for ceramic products) and effect glazes as further steps towards ensuring that the business would remain competitive well into the future.  Today Söndgen remains a family owned business with 2 locations, and is one of the most modern companies for the production of hollow ceramics (vases, planters, etc.).

Manufacturer SÖNDGEN
Design Period 1950 to 1959
Production Period 1960 to 1969
Country of Manufacture Germany
Identifying Marks This piece has been attributed based on archival documentation, such as vintage catalogs, designer records, or other literature sources
Style Vintage, Mid-Century, Hand-Crafted, Modernist
Detailed Condition Excellent — This vintage piece is in near original condition. It may show minimal traces of use and/or have slight restorations.
Product Code
Materials Ceramic
Color Teal, grey
Width 6.5 inch
Depth 6.5 inch
Height 10.8 inch


Quantity Available – 1