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An excellent, football-shaped example of BAY KERAMIK's relief series of vases with a non-representational pattern impressed under a red-on-black glaze combination.  A partial label remains.

BAY KERAMIK was founded in 1934 by Eduard Bay in Ransbach-Baumbach, a small town in the heart of the Kannenbäckerland in western Germany.  (The Kannenbäckerland, or "potters' land"—a historic center of ceramics industry—is the site of the largest clay deposit in Europe.)  Its output was primarily utilitarian prior to the early 1950s when more and more decorative items were introduced.  Production and sales grew rapidly throughout the decade, and, by the early 1960s, BAY was a leading manufacturer of art ceramics.  Bodo Mans, probably the the best-known designer of the period, was employed by the company from 1959 through 1975.  His work is considered highly collectible today.  The company's art pottery production continued into the 1980s and included some striking work that often showcased utterly fantastic specialty glazes.  On the other hand, a huge amount of kitsch was produced for the tourist trade.

BAY KERAMIK used white clay exclusively; marks are almost always molded to the base.  The name BAY often appears.  The country of origin is typically noted as "WEST-GERMANY" or "W-GERMANY."

Production Period – 1965-1974

Country of Origin – WEST GERMANY


Attribution – MARKED

Materials – CERAMIC

Colors – RED, BLACK

Condition – VERY GOOD (no defects; may show slight traces of use)

Height (cm) – 20.0

Diameter (cm) – 11.5



Quantity Available – 0