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From the studio of Dagmar Larasser, a beautiful hand-thrown vase finished in a baby blue matte glaze with streaks of iron oxide.  Rounded shapes like these with smooth, flat glazes demand to be held!

DAGMAR LARRASER grew up in the market town of Dießen am Ammersee in Bavaria, a historic site of pottery manufacture since the 11th century.  She trained as a potter at the State Technical College of Ceramics in Landshut while actively assisting her father, Ernst Lösche, in his pottery in Dießen, where he produced the locally typical blue-and-white faience.  Larasser was later heavily involved with his crafts gallery in Munich.

In 1977, Larasser's husband, Josef Larasser, encouraged her to set up a studio of her own and to abandon the production of faience.  She developed a complete, independent range of handthrown and handbuilt pieces in a wide range of variations.  Characteristic of all of her work is simple, straightforward clarity of form, without frills or gimmicks.  Larasser frequently sprays on several layers of various glazes, thus achieving greater depth of color.  In the development of her pottery, she draws much inspiration from nature as evinced by the impressions she often makes of fish scales, snake skins, or wood grain in her clay surfaces.

Larasser has explained that her work as a ceramist is defined by the art and craft traditions of her family.  It is almost impossible to handle and examine one of her creations without perceiving how sensitively she has worked with the clay.

I feel an obligation to consummate form. – DAGMAR LARRASER

Country of Origin – WEST GERMANY

Designer – DAGMAR LARRASER (B. 1950)

Materials – CERAMIC

Condition – VERY GOOD (no defects; may show slight traces of use)

Height (cm) – 10.5

Diameter (cm) – 10.5

Quantity Available – 1